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Crystal River Area Vacation Rentals

Crystal River Private Island

Rent exclusively for your group, up to 16!

4 Bedroom ~ 2 full bath ~ 2-1/2 bath

Large solar heated pool ~ 2 spas

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2nd Story Waterfront
Up to 8 Guests
2 bedroom ~ 1.5 bath
Pool ~ Spa ~ Private Deck


1st Floor Waterfront
Up to 8 Guests

2 bedroom ~ 1.5 bath

Spa ~ Hot Tub ~ Pool



Cinnamon Key
One Home on Private Island
Up to 6 Guests

2 bedroom ~ 2 bath

Spa ~ Hot Tub ~ Pool



Waterfront Single Home
Up to 13 Guests

3 bedroom, 9 beds ~ 2 bath


Come to Crystal River and experience the real Florida! Not "the big city" but what it would of been like to live on a private island in the Keys. The Ozello Keys are what the Florida Keys were 30 years ago; private, quiet, and full of experiences. A great place to slow down and really get to know your kids, in nature, as it should be.

When was the last time you took your son kayaking or fishing? Somewhere without outside interference. Just you, your kids and Mother Nature at her best. Have a evening fire and chat about all the stars (when did you see your last shooting star?). I'll bet you've never sat by a fire and cook marshmallows on a island surrounded by salt water. It's a time you will never forget. and will give you time to forget the outside world and slow down to island time. Please leave all your stress and watches at the gate. It's time to step back in time to a simpler, slower time of life and lifestyle that is ISLAND TIME! 

Come and explore all the nooks and crannies of over 300 islands, some that have probably not seen man since the Indians were here. Don't miss the Homosassa Wildlife Park! It is a great time and only $13 per person for an afternoon of manatee watching and seeing the best small zoo in the Crystal River area. Also not far from the island is the Rainbow Springs State Park. You can walk the park and snorkel at the beach or go for a float trip down 6.5 miles of river in a tube raft, or rent a kayak from the state park. I loved walking the park and seeing all the flowers and the two large waterfalls. It made for a great Harley ride as it is about 35 min from the island and a great place to go have a picnic lunch and swim before riding home to paradise.
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Hotels Motels Home Rentals Private Islands
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